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Hannah Starr making her demonstration debut at the local Mayflower Animal Sanctuary show on the 6th July 2014. Hannah is an instructor at SIT Dog training and also runs her own Tricks & Games workshop





Kia, making her film debut 7th May 2014


Meet Malic our New Dog, he is a Catalan Sheepdog

He came to live with us in August 2009


Wait & Find it! March 2008


Milly, Lady & Cleo enjoying fetching the tennis ball, learning to wait and find on command. So glad I have this film, as we sadly lost Lady suddenly on Easter Monday 2008 and then to lose Milly in July 2009

Goodbye Lady

Multi - dog Recall - March 2008


Apart from Milly being obsessed with the ball thrower on the ground, I am pleased with this recall and wonderful down command at the end. Clever Girls!

Puppy Socialisation

I believe in the importance of socialising puppies in real environments, experiencing the places and things that they will encounter everyday e.g. People, Other Dogs, Traffic, the list is endless.


RAF Waddington - Saturday 5th July 2008

Historic first public demonstration flight of the Avro Vulcan XH558 restored by the Vulcan to the sky trust, with Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire, Taken by John Fryer


Absolutely nothing to do with dogs, but a great day out and very emotional to see the Vulcan flying again. Lots of Childhood memories for John & I, the Vulcan was based at RAF Finningly, now Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster.

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