Recognised Trainer L1 - L4

New training dates coming soon...

Private scentwork lessons are also available.

Sue is the only scentwork trainer at SIT Dog Training and sessions are subject to cancellations and changes.

Unlike other training sessions that can be run when Sue is absent.


About Scentwork with Scentwork UK

Whether you want to go on to compete at a Scentwork UK trial or if you would just like to learn how to do scentwork with your dog for fun this is for you.

Your dog will learn to search.

  • Boxes & luggage
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Exterior Vehicle Search
  • Exterior Search Miscellaneous Articles
  • Your dog will learn odour recognition and be able to search a variety of items that are used in 4 tests.
  • Handlers will learn how to read their dog's body language and become aware of problems with their handling and to cope with pressures of time

Scentwork is not only mentally stimulating for your dog but is very calming plus this sort of game is very bonding for you and your dog. It is suitable for dogs and Handlers of all ages and capabilities.

Visit Scentwork UK for more detail by clicking on the Logo....

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