Angel Angel 8 weeks Angel2 Auntie Phyll, Me & Sally Binker & Duster taking part in an early morning photo shoot for an advert for a brand of dog food. Binker & Rosette Binker Astern, Norfolk Broads 1983 Binker Duster Sit Binker Duster Sit 2 Binker with a very young Duster Binker, Jamie & Poppet Binker, tickle my tum Duster Duster & Ball Duster & Lady, Lady Bower Duster sledging Hold Jo & Binker Best Condition, Danson Show 1984 Jo & Binker Best Condition, Danson Show 1984 2 Lady 5 months & Duster 11 Lady 7 Duster drying off Llewney 1975 Me & my brother Peter, Auntie Phyll & Sally Milly & Lady at Atwick 2002 My Daughter Jo with Angel My Daughter Stephanie 3 & Binker, Norfolk Broads 1983 My daughter Jenny 3 with Bomber & Binker Now where is middle C Scan10002 Sue, Lady & Duster, Lady Bower Unknown relations dog binkerbomber binkerduster binkerdusterbed binkerdusterxmas binkerfrisbee binkerfrisbee2 bunnysitting dogsandcatseatinginharmony dusterbathtime dusterdown dusterlady dustersit1 dustersit2 dustersnow dusterswing llewney