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Class Times

Due to our move at the end of July all sessions are going to be re-assessed. Don't worry existing sessions will continue as they are for the near future. Please contact Sue for more details. Thank you for your patience.





Due to our move these classes will be re-assessed.

We are not taking anymore clients for now.

Sessions will continue with the Existing clients.

12 - 1pm
£10 per session. T & C

6.30– 7.30pm


10.30– 11.30am
1 - 2pm

£8 per session. T & C

New for 2018

Please see scentwork page for dates & costs

If a class is shown as full - Please email to be put on a waiting list. As soon as a space becomes available you will be contacted. In the meantime there are private lessons available by appointment.

Most feel a little nervous of starting new training classes with their dogs, cautious of commiting to a class with the worry that they or their dog will not like it. For this reason I encourage new people to come along with their dog and have a look and a trial run, before registering. I would always recommend that you visit any training class before you decide. If the trainers do not agree to this then give them a miss. Some dogs do not cope well in a class situation, if this is the case then you will be offered alternative training.

Family groups are welcome. There is no age limit, so long as you can safely handle and control your dog on and off lead.
Children up to the age of 18 years must be supervised by an adult.

Whilst it is normal for some dogs to be a little shy and not able to get along with every dog and person that they meet and sometimes dogs can have minor disagreements which is normal.
I cannot have seriously aggressive dogs in class.
If your dog has issues please enquire about behavioural consultations and private sessions.
Still not sure? Then please read my clients testimonials

Our training, is calm and kind, with a modicum of discipline.

We only use positive reward methods, including clicker training.

We do not use rattle bottles, squirty water, choke chains, prong collars, shock collars or any other harsh methods.

Dog training is an investment for the rest of your dogs days and the lives of all dogs you may own in the future.

I Abide By The Guild of Dog Trainers Rules and Regulations

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