Max’s Diary…

Max is a German Shepherd, he was left to die after being dumped from a car when only a few weeks old, he was rescued and given to Margaret to nurse back to good health, the vet didn’t hold out much hope, thought he may be brain damaged.
January 2008, I was called by Margaret, (later known as Mam) when Max was about 8 weeks old to help with his training.
Max now sends me regular text messages to let me know how he is progressing.

Max at 8 weeks old

25th February 2008. Hello Aunty Sue, I am not good at texting and my Mam is worse, thank you for coming to see me today, I had a great time, talk to you later xx Max

You are very welcome, I enjoyed it too. Xx Aunty Sue

Hello again Aunty Sue, I have just woken up, got a pigs ear.

27th February 2008
Hello Aunty Sue, Hope you are all ok, went out a couple of times yesterday, not so much fun, I really hate wind; it makes my ears flap like Dumbo’s. Had a great time this afternoon though, helped a friend of my mams fix the shed. I think he appreciated it, it has quite tired me out, it’s hard work sometimes being a dog. Take care xx Max

29th February 2008
Hello Aunty Sue, My Mams just been talking to a friend up the road, he has two dogs like me, one is a lady dog, he says to come around and play, we have met before, what do you think?

Dear Max I think it is a great idea, have fun. xx Aunty Sue

30th February 2008. Hello Aunty Sue, Hope you are ok. I have just come back from a walk on the Crags and saw this huge black creature in the allotment, he came over, bit scary but I had to investigate, my Mam says it’s a horse, mmm we touched noses, he seems ok, might take him an apple next time, my Mam says they like them, funny animals. Talk to you again, love Max xx

15th March 2008. Hello Aunty Sue, Hope you are all ok. I have had a great time today, hate the wind but love this weather, lots of muddy pools, fantastic. Talk to you later xx

20th March 2008. Hello Aunty Sue, Hope you are all ok. Just going to get my head down now, had a nice walk, love this weather, lots of lovely muddy pools, yawn, tata for now, leave my Mam to clean the floor again. xx

24th March 2008. Hello Aunty Sue its me again. My Mam wants to get me a marrow bone but shes told not to. It is not good for me. What do you think X

29th March 2008. Good afternoon Aunty Sue. How are you? I know you are still sad. My Mam said you will always be sad because you loved Ladyand you love other animals aswell. My Mam does, I think she even loves me even though I am a bit naughty at times. I feel sad myself because there are so many animals with no one to love them when they are gone. Lots more to tell you later. My Mam has let some man in the house from the green party and she wouldnt let him out until he had played the piano. I am available for bookings. Thinking of you. Love from Max. x

2nd April 2008. Hello Aunty Sue it's me again. I hope you are coping. You know when I said my Mam loves me even if I am a bit naughty at time? Mmmmmm. She had to go to Mexborough this morning to get bootsies food. She shoots me in the kitchen so I don't bother Boots but I was a bit bored and ripped off some upholstery on the chaise. She did not shout at me but I think she was sad. It was her nannans. My mam tries very hard but I cannot stop tearing things up. She calls me Max the ripper. I think I might get round her. Who can resist me? Talk to you again.X

7th April 2008. Hello Aunty Sue, It's me again. How are you all? I have had a great time these last two days with the snow. Never told you I have seen the horse many times on my walks. My Mam gives it some of my treats, not happy about that. It's my Mams Birthday today, she says she is 21 I don't believe her, I think she is just a baby like me. Anyway I have to text people to thank them for the pressies, I can't wait to get my teeth into them. x

Hi Max, wish your Mam a Happy Birthday. x A. Sue

4th May 2008. Good afternoon. My Mam couldnt text you cos she had no credit. Der. Just come back from a nice walk well my Mam said it was nice. She kept looking at me to make sure she had the right dog. She faffed about for ages with my collar. Honestly Auntie Sue I could have read War & Peace. Love to Cleo and Milly and you xx

4th May 2008. Tut its about time my Mam got in touch. Do you know Aunty Sue my Mam blames me for everything. If she doesn't want to pay the bills she says the dog ate them. I am very very handsome. I had to say that. I can't say I have got my best side because they are all great. I will let you have a photo. Do you know any nice dogs I can talk to? How about yours? My Mams hidden the cat. Ps. I do charge alot for my autograph.

11th May 2008. Good afternoon Aunty Sue. Sorry its been so long. You won't get wet now taking the dogs out (We always seemed to get caught in rain storms when training) its a bit hot for me but it does not stop me harassing my Mam. Well i am good at that. I think she was a bit mad at me yesterday. I chewed her electric toothbrush.....

22nd May 2008. Hello Aunty Sue,Sorry its been so long. I said that last time but I sent text before I'd finished. Its my big feet. Hope you are all ok. I saw another strange animal today, it came out in front of me, stopped, looked at me and strolled on. Cheek! My Mam said it was a cat like Bootsie. I think not.I am not liking dogs too much these days. I want to get at em. My Mam says if I don't stop she will take me to the vets and have my whiskers cut off. Talk to you again. Love from Max x

06th June 2008. Thank you for coming to see me Aunty Sue. Went out for a walk just after you left. Had a bit of trouble getting my head through the door. Think I behaved myself. Had a little sleep to get ready for later. x p.s Remember I am not just extremely handsome, I can sing too. Form a queue please ladies. x

Later...06th June 2008. Hello Aunty Sue, My Mams just passed me the phone. I had to wait until she had a fag and some oxygen. Been for a play with a friend of my Mams dog Kia. Shes a bitch, but I like her anyway. Kia that is. Can't wait to see you. x

23rd June 2008. I was in the doghouse last week Aunty Sue. I was playing with my Mam and I hit her in the face and knocked her front crown out. She said it was her fault but now she makes me watch the Dog Whisperer with her. Tut! love Max.x

Max at about 5 months old, isn't he handsome? How could anyone abandon him?

Latest photo's of Max at 9 Months, getting more handsome............

24th Dec 2008
Hello Aunty Sue, Sorry it’s been so long since I talked to you. I have been a good boy Mmm. You know my Mam can only play the piano with one hand? Tut Well I help her now. I play bottom half both paws. And sing too. I would really like to see you again Aunty Sue. X

9th Feb 2009
Hello Aunty Sue, My Mam says you are coming to see me this week. Is it Thursday? I can’t read her writing? She has been nice to me all weekend. She said when we are playing in the garden next week, I am not being funny when I say go and find your ball. Strange? Looking forward to seeing the girls, I bet they can’t wait either. X

6th March 2009 HelloAunty Sue. I hope you are all Ok. I have been trying to help my Mam in the garden. She wasn't grateful at all. I am not sure what has been going on these last few weeks. Got quite miffed about it at times. Whatever it was, I feel great now, can't wait to get out there and get them dogs. S'cuse me, knock at the door, just go and terrorise whoever. Back now, it's a parcel for my Mam. You know Aunty Sue, I have told her I can open them a lot quicker than she can but she won't let me. She is a spoil sport. How is the house hunting going? Hope to see you soon. Kisses for my girls and a big one for you. Maybe get my head down for a bit but i will be watching for when my mam goes for the parcel! Sloppy XX's from Max

8th July 2009 This one is from Mam after receiving an Agility tunnel that I ordered for her

Hi Sue, progress report1: Put tunnel out this morning. The how to recommends having an assistant at one end. initially got him to sit and stay at one end. ok, but when I moved, he did? A few tries later he stayed put and then came through the tunnel when I said "Ooo" I felt so chuffed. he doesn't have to do much to make his Mam happy. I will ask Max to text you and tell you what he thinks. X

10th February 2011 Received this Photo & letter from Max

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