Jumping on my pony Kim at 14 years old

Me & Kim

Binker bunny sitting.

Binker & Hazel

Sandy as Toto in Wizard of Oz 2007

Sandie & Dorothy

Lady as Sandy in Annie 2005

Lady & Annie






Happy Valley Series 2

AVA Music Video in Dungness


About Sue & SIT Dog Training

SIT Dog Training

I started Sit Dog Training in 2005 as a hobby while still carrying out my day job, working for my family's firm of electrical engineers, where I was mainly involved in general office work and producing Computer Aided Design drawings. I left their after 13 years in June 2007 to pursue my love of dog training full time.

Life Experiences.

Not only have I gained oodles of experience with the raising of my three daughters, this requires parental leadership skills of which for me is also the foundation of good dog ownership, I have also required many social skills, through past employment, and involvement in many pastimes, some of which include, Horse ownership and competition; Owning & riding a classic motorcycle; Performing on stage with various societies, both acting and singing; Learning and playing various instruments, the piano, the recorder, the guitar and the drums.....Started drum lessons on the 1st November 2010 with Dean Cousins at Drum Beat Studios Doncaster.

I enjoy keeping fit and I have competed in the Great North Run, the Doncaster Half Marathon, various other 10k, 5k races and walked the Moonwalk. Although recently, age is paying it's toll and prefer to stick to brisk walks and cycle rides & running around an agility course with my dogs.

Dam Flask 5 Miler

Employment. & Education.

Doncaster Art College 1971

I left school at 16 to train at Doncaster Art College in the 70's and gained a Diploma in Graphic Design, a certificate in window display and an 'O' level Art.
My first job found me working as a Window Dresser in Doncaster, I then left home and moved south to work as a Hosiery Consultant then a Store Detective for Debenhams, Surrey and then to London to continue as a Store detective in Miss Selfridge, I then went on to work for the Civil Aviation Authority as a chauffuese where I drove many interesting people, such as Douglas Bader, Sheila Scott and Air Marshall Sir Ivor Broom. During working for the CAA I met my husband. During my marriage and raising of my three girls I had part time jobs firstly as a childminder then school photographer, before moving back to Doncaster I had a Christmas job in Woolworths. I also fitted in some freelance jobs over the years, designing for an advertising agency and also producing artists impressions of houses for a property developer.
Producing pet portraits is another passion.
I have also been involved in designing the artwork for my local Theatre company for their programmmes, Flyers & Posters and have designed my website.

My Dogs & other animals.

As far back as I can remember I have always had a love of animals, any animal, always bringing injured birds home and feeding the hedgehogs in the garden, we always had cats around and I had a tortoise (who we called Houdini) as he was always escaping, a rabbit and a mouse.

I so so longed for a pony and a dog, always drawing them, and dreaming of them, I remember the cereal Sugar Puffs once had a competition to win a pony, I really thought I was in for a chance, but no, disappointment again. I used to take all the neighbours dogs for walks.

I remember going for a caravan holiday with my parents to Wales, I was about seven, they were giving away border collie pups on the farm where we stayed, I pleaded with my parents to let me have one, but I wasn't allowed, I cried the whole journey home form Wales to South Yorkshire. My Mum nearly relented a few years later when on holiday in Bridlington, a large department store there were selling Beagle puppys. But again I wasn't allowed.

When I was ten I learnt to ride at a local riding school, Miss Shaw's, and when I was thirteen, I was lucky and bought a pony, (secretly) I had been riding Kim for his owners and they said they needed to sell him, my Mum agreed that we would buy him without telling Dad, I drew my saving from the post office, all £13 of it as a deposit, he cost £60 including tack! My dad found out some weeks later and said "Oh well better pay the rest" there was never a prouder man at the Gymkhanas.

You would think that I would be satisfied but my yearning for a dog however never waned. Even though I had been bitten twice, once by a stray dog running up to me in the street and biting me on the knee and by a little terrier at the riding school, who I tried to drag out from under a seat! stupid I know.

The first opportunity came when I was when I was twenty, I had left home and was sharing a flat with a work friend in East London, a plumber came to mend our boiler and while he was there said "Do you want a dog?" DID I WANT A DOG!..... YES! Llewney came to live with us, he was a 3 month old Pembroke Corgi, complete with basket, loads of toys, food, and a pedigree as long as your arm, reason for rehoming, his two year old daughter was afraid of him and his sharp teeth. Well I new nothing about owning dogs, he went everywhere with me, apart from work, but knowing what I know now, I made just about every mistake going with him, he was food aggressive, used to go for me if I went near his bowl. I met my future hubby and one day I was taunting Llewney saying Bite him! Bite Him! (just for fun I thought) when Llewney jumped up and bit my future hubby on the nose, well of course Llewney wasn't to stay as we may have children after we married and so Llewney went to spend his days with another family. I went to visit him some time later and he was so pleased to see me, he came and layed at my feet, I reached down to stroke him, he bit me! Should have listened to Llewney, the marriage didn't last!

My next dog was Binker, Boxer X Labrador we looked after her for a friend, who was poorly, she stayed with us, what a lovely dog, I was determined to do everything right and so joined the local Dog Training Club and I never really looked back.

The next special dog in my life was Duster, a tri-colour working sheep dog, he was bought when my interest in Agility was gaining momentum and although Binker was a great Agility dog, was not quite fast enough to win.

Binker took my daughter Jo to the Junior Kennel Club finals for Agility, both incredible dogs and shall always miss them.

I mustn't forget Girl, I was also extremely lucky to own Girl, she was a beautiful thoroughbred Mare, I did everything with her, show jumping, X country, dressage, and rode for miles, she came with me and the girls and various guinea pigs and cats and dogs to Doncaster from Kent in the early 90's to start a new life after my marriage came to an end.

Dog Training

When I first got involved in training with my dog Binker (the inspiration for my logo) over 20 years ago, I had no idea that it would take me along such an interesting and rewarding path. I have met some lovely people and their dogs and have got involved in training and competing in Obedience at the Bexley Dog Training Club & Agility at the Dalerose Agility Club in Kent who also helped to train the Blue Peter dog Bonnie with Yvette Fielding in Agility. I used my dog Binker for an episode of Crimestoppers and, until recently, instructed trained and competed in Flyball with the Doncaster Bellestars Flyball Team. “What is Flyball?” I hear you say, take a look on their website www.doncaster-bellestars.co.uk Sadly we lost Milly in July 2009 and on Easter monday 2008 we lost Lady(otherwise known as ‘Pippin’ look-alike!) appeared on stage in 2005 as Sandy in ‘Annie’ - she was a Star! I also trained a clients dog Sandie to be Toto in November 2007 production of The Wizard of Oz at the Civic Theatre Doncaster. She was a star too!

Cleo has been my biggest challenge so far, she was a staffy x whippet and felt that I had just about got her trained when we had to say goodbye to her in July 2011 aged 12 years due to cancer.

We presently own Malic DOB February 2006, a Spanish Catalan Sheepdog. (Paddy de' espinavessa) Called Paddy because he was born on St Patrick's day. He came to us when he was 3 yrs old, with some issues, which are mainly ironed out now, he has learnt to do Agility and loves playing fetch with his tennis ball. He also enjoys a little Heelwork to music. and continues to grow in confidence everyday. And Kia, my much longed for German Shepherd DOB March 2013, she is proving a real asset to my dog training classes, she loves to welcome new puppies and demonstrates obedience. She loves agility and flyball and learns very quickly, anything that I ask of her. We have attended Rally O workshops and most recently scentwork. She has competed in two unaffiliated agility shows and did very well. The only thing that will hold her back is my age and speed. Another string to our bow, TV & Film work.

I have gained a lot of pleasure from my dogs over the years and have a passion to pass on my knowledge to other pet dog owners so they can also achieve the same enjoyment as me.

Brief History of SIT Dog Training

2019 April - Moved venue to Misterton Christian Centre.

2018 July - Moving venue to Epworth Showground as part of my semi retirement plan.

2017 Nov 26th - Hosted an IPO workshop with Gavin Buck

2017 June - Started Scentwork Workshops

2017 April 30th - Introduction to ScentworkUK Day at SDT

2017 April 9th - Became a Scentwork UK Trainer

2016 Sept 8th- Re-introduce Pre - Agility Classes

2016 Jul 10th - Hosted another Canine first aid course with Rachel Bean.

2016 26th June - Ran our very own Have A Go Charity Dog Show.

2016 May 1st - Hosted a Gundog Training day with Daniel Higgs

2015 October 2nd Agility show

2014 held a Gundog Training day and ran our first agility show, Did out first school visit and Hannah started her tricks and games workshop

2013 Moved to Grove House Stables. Hosted a great weekend with Dima Yeremenko and the Mayflower Sanctuary Dog Show

2012 Started Good Dog Obedience

2011 November Moved to The De Roecks and added Flyball to my classes

2010 September saw the start of my Puppy classes

2010 June I joined the GoDT and I am very proud to be the Editor of the Guild of Dog Trainers Newsletter. Certificate

2010 April Start of my new Fun Agility Classes At Clampit Creek

2005 Founded and started one to one training with SIT Dog Training

Accreditations & Certificates

Guild of Dog Trainers, Master Trainer Certificate

2017 27-28th Nov - Attended Denise Fenzi Seminar - Building Drive & Motivation for All Dog Sports - Certificate

2017 29th Oct - Attended Scentwork UK Train the Trainers workshop. I am now an accredited L2 - L4 Trainer. Certificate

2017 9th April - Attended Scentwork UK Train the Trainers workshop. I am now an accredited L1 & L2 Trainer. Starting my first course in June 2017 Certificate

2016 4th Sept - Attended K9 Assault Course with Kia at the Canine Centre, Wales

2015 7-8th October, Attended the Grisha Stewart Behavioural Adjustment Training seminar. Certificate

October 2014 - became a founder member of the national register of dog trainers and behaviourists. iTD www.itraindogs.uk Certificate

2013 12th - 14th April Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training - Workshops PBC430 Comparative Anatomy & Physiology CFBA4004 Basic Dog Handling & Training skills & CFBA4005 Professional Instructor Skills &Management , held at the KC Building, Stoneleigh.

2012 November HTM workshop with Mary Ray

2011 December 8th - 11th - Canine Aggression - John Rogerson - IABTC - Certificate of Attendance

2011 November 27th - First Aid for Dog Owners/carers - Pulse Rate Training - Bawtry - Certificate

2011 Certificate of Attendance - Richard Curtis - HTM Workshop - IABTC - October 2011Certificate of Attendance – Trevor Cooper – Dog law seminar – Haxey – May
2011 September Patricia B McConnell – Edinburgh University – Dog Aggression and Emotions Certificate of Attendance

2011 March Certificate of attendance - Teaching reactive Rover Classes: A Practical Guide by Kim Moeller -

2011 March start of Introduction to Agility for beginners.

2010 November – Steven R Lindsay Seminar, University of Lincoln - Certificate of attendance

2010 March Certificate of attendance – Canine Nutrition Seminar, Dr John Lowe
2008 May Certificate of attendance – Handling Skills with Turid Rugaas
2008 May Certificate of Attendance - Paddy Driscolls, Clicker Training Day
2008 April Certificate of Attendance - Paddy Driscolls, Dog Behaving Badly day
2007 July Certificate of Attendance - Dr Ian Dunbars Puppy Class Seminar
2006 June Canine Communication certificate - Jan Fennell Amichien Dog Listeners
2004 October BFA, Training for Trainers Course, Flyball - Selby College

Extensive, continuous Bibliography

Advisor to the Local Westie Rescue

As you can see I have gained a wealth of dog experience through life and I am always aspiring to learn more and keep up with the latest dog training trends and techniques by attending seminars, training days and continuous self study.

My Aim....

To make every dog and their owners happy

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