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Buster 10 yr Bischon rescued at 7. 5yrs.

Training Session 29th August 2017 - Reason for visit.

Reactive and barking at people and nipping if they get too close.

Advice was provided along with an I need space bandana.

This was the feedback I received from his owner on the 19th October.

Hi Sue,
I thought you would like an update on Buster's progress.
We have followed all your advice and he is doing very well, he seems to understand now that he can bark if someone comes to the door but stops when I let him know it is ok and I say 'good boy'. He seems to know that he doesn't have to bark at everyone he sees. We have just come back from a weekend in Scarborough, Buster wore his 'I need Space' Bandana it certainly made a difference, several people asked about why he was wearing it and were very understanding when I explained. I was more relaxed because I was not worried that someone would approach him and we would have an incident like before I am sure Buster picked up on that.
Also while we were in Scarborough we took Buster on a bus, I would have been reluctant to do this without his bandana on, he and his bandana were the talking point on the bus yet he was given his own space and he was very good.
I have included a couple of photos of him in his bandana, I do find that people notice it more on his shoulders rather than his chest I think this is because he is a small dog.
Thanks again for your help.


Behavioural visit - 23rd January 2015

Lexie - 3 year old adopted Greyhound from The Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust. Retired from racing as she didn't want to come out of the trap and was terrified of noises and men. On my visit she would not move from her crate.

"We have an adopted / rescued greyhound who has been badly treated by men and was terrified of everything when she first came to us. I asked Sue to visit and we had a good chat. She is very easy to talk to and understood the situation completely. Sue made some very useful suggestions about how to move Lexie forward and things are improving slowly but steadily. It is particularly good to know that Sue's help is on-going and we hope to be able to take Lexie to Sue's obedience class before too long.

Liz & Martin Holman" 18th May 2015

Latest acheivement! Attended the obedience class on Thursday 14th May with Liz & Martin to just sit and watch and has walked around the block with her little cavalier king charles spaniel friend from across the road. Well done Lexie!

Marianne Brett, England

Belgian Shepherd Dog Malinois & Papillon


BLONDBELLA Persian & Exotic cats, retired from breeding after 25 years: 1989-2014. http://www.blondbella.co.uk

Behavioural advice 4th Nov 2014 - Ritzy an 8m malinois was showing fear to judges in the breed show ring and generally fearful of strangers handling her.

Email from her owner and breeder Marianne Brett on 23rd December 2014.

Hi Sue

Been meaning to update you. Ritzy is coming on well. She is definitely going through the typical BSD spooky stage -suddenly she is jumpy at things that never used to bother her, such as a food bowl clattering or similar, but in general, she has come on in leaps and bounds. We have got the entire second class at the training classes we go to involved with her, doing what you said. We started with each person simply giving her a treat, have slowly progressed up to some people touching her, one
woman who she has got to know well is able to go over her entire body. We had the Christmas party about a week ago and a lady who I assume was the mother of somebody else came up to us to ask what breed our dogs were, and just as I was about to warn her that Ritzy does not like to be approached by people she doesn't know, Ritzy has approached HER and was happy to be touched by a total stranger. So she has made great progress. We are by no means there yet and she does find it harder with men than with women, but we are not going to rush anything. It was quite a relief to decide to NOT enter her for Crufts as it meant all pressure was off for all of us.

Best wishes,

Marianne, and John and Ritzy

28th December - We had visitors today, former puppy buyers that Ritzy had never met before, husband and wife, and she welcomed both without hesitation which was wonderful to see!

Best wishes, Marianne

Bruno & Tigsy - Reason for visit - fighting with each other.

Date of Visit - 23rd July 2013

Hello sue

I just wanted to update you on the dogs success :) since implementing the extra walk the week before our meeting they have both been calmer dogs. All adults enter the house calmly and they are calm when my mum visits after lots of visits and her being tough!!!! We even went to my mums at wakefield with both dogs and they were both calm in her house :) they haven't had a fight for 10 weeks and in that time have learnt to play stick together! At the field one will find a big stick and the other will chase for it and if successful the roles reverse :) thank you for coming and reassuring me as well as offering advice. I feel like we may have turned the corner, fingers crossed, for many happy weeks / months / years to come. The only issue now is tigsy pulling on the lead he is getting gradually better although being back at work full time (teaching) has made it trickier for time. However hopefully we will crack it :) i thank you once again for your reassurance as that made me more optimistic that two dogs would work!

Kind regards

Melanie (email 13th September 2013)

Behavioural Consultation
30th October 2012
7 month old
Female Chihuahua
Aggression outside and guarding the house. Goes mad when postman delivers the mail and has nipped a Ladies hand outside the school gates.
4th December 2012
Dear Susan,
Middie has been doing really well with her 'bed' and 'stay'.
She went for a walk the other day and just sat quietly when a chap from the village, that she previously hated with a vengeance, came up for a chat!
We also had a good result when one of Lottie's friends came to tea, Midde barked a lot, but not nastily, and after an hour or so was literally eating tidbits out of her hand!
She is by no means perfect but is so much more relaxed and happy.
She loves it now when she barks at the door and I say 'thankyou Middie,' she usually trots off with a smile on her face!
Having strangers pop in has proved a problem but as she is a lot happier it doesn't seem as much of a problem now I don't think.
Could I ask about the 'give' command please?
I want tot be able to know that Middie will give me something immediately, in case its dangerous. I know you covered this on your visit but I can't quite remember what you did, sorry.
Many thanks again,
Letitia x


Alex & I Got Trained!

We’ve also had our second visit form our truly fabulous dog trainer, Sue from Sit Dog Training in Lincolnshire www.sitdogtraining.co.uk We decided to contact a trainer after Barry was bitten whilst out on a walk, after his bite he became very fearful and barked incessantly at other dogs,.....More

Madge & Jo

Received by email on the 28th November 2012

Hi Sue,

Long time no speak.. Hope you are well.. Just an update on my two little monsters

Madge as turned out to be a real little Jem.. A real little Diva, well behaved but still has real cheekiness in her personality. She has become a great retrieving gun dog and picks up behind the gun line with really good agility and speed..…

Joe, the little cocker I rescued is a real champion.. He won best working dog and best in show at the Best of British country show 2012 in the Cotswolds.. He is an unbelievable gun dog, retrieves, beats, pick up, points and does not get confused changing between disciplines during the same shoot which is amazing really because of the contradictions in what you are asking the dog to do… Andrew P

Judy & Carol

A Dream Come True!

Click to see Carols full story

Agility through adversity... click on the photo to read Carol's story

Published February 2012

We bought Gracie a Labradoodle and brought her home at 8 weeks. I felt it important to know how to begin to train her. I found Sue's website online and requested an initial consultation. Sue's advice was invaluable and by the end of our session Gracie was sitting and laying down with treat training. I still use the same method now - Gracie is one year old. I then took Gracie to puppy training classes which helped socialise her with other dogs. Again the advice and literature has been invaluable. Gracie can be naughty at times, but overall she is a lovely dog who 90% of the time does as she is told! I would recommend Sue's input without hesitation. Joy Gilbert (Nov 2011)

121 & Pre-Agility Client.

Sue gives excellent advice on puppy training. Dogs & owners enjoy socialising & learning together. Sue is always ready to give individual advice & ready to help solve any ‘doggie’ problems. I highly recommend ‘Sit Dog Training’.

Judy Stevenson & Freddie (Nov 2011)


Reason for visit: To help with re-call.

My dog Sam took to Sue straight away. He is excitable but Sue got his attention and he focused on her commands after a very short time. He was eager to please and training was made exciting and rewarding and kind. Sam loved it. When I took Sam for a walk the next day, we put our new found skills into action. Other regular dog walkers were amazed how much improvement they saw in him in just that short time.

Anne Howarth (Nov 2011)

We are lucky enough to own a Scottish Terrier pup and Sue was recommended by a vet. What a good choice! From the initial consultation to the start of puppy training Sue has always been on hand to answer any query however trivial. Sue answers emails extreamely quickly (Idon't know how she does it) and the advice is always spot on.
You've got a dog problem? give Sue a ring. You will not be disappointed.
Bernard Leggett.
March 30th 2011
Reason for calling me, pulled over by her dog which resulted in a broken ankle.
l booked a One to One Consultation and Training at my home last November . Sue is good with people as well as dogs,and a wonderful laid back approach.She was completely reassuring and taught some useful technique's ,Sue emailed later a Behaviour Modification Programme. Which has been invaluable guidance and advice. My dog and I are making progress with the training for not pulling on the lead. The effort Sue puts in and the on going support afterwards.You soon realise that the Sit training programme has been worth every penny.I would highly recommend Sit Training Programme. A. Ellis 24th January 2011

22nd January 2011

I consulted Sue Fryer for some advice regarding our German Shepherd which was a little disobedient. The advice given was sound and good and Rena is a credit to me. Val

Rainbow Bridge

Sue offers a fantastic service, she is very patient with the dogs but especially with the owners! Worth every penny and more!! I would happily recommend her to others and have done so.
K Jagger 20th January 2011

Hi Sue
It has been over a month since you came to see us about our rescue Staffie cross Stella who we adopted from our local rescue center.
Your visit was most helpful and great fun. We gained a lot of confidence and reassurance from what you imparted to us, and the training tips and consequent information you sent has been of tremendous help.
Stella is progressing well with her control training and, although it is a slow process, she is becoming more accepting of our three cats, and they to her.
Once again thanks for all you help and advice. We will keep you informed of Stella's progress.
Gordon and Marie Phillips
South Yorkshire, 19th January 2011

Posted 29th November 2010

Visit to help owners understand their new puppy Bex, she was showing some aggressive behaviours and they sensibly wanted to nip it in the bud, so to speak!

Hi Sue,

Many thanks for your time last week and the follow up email. Sorry for the delay in responding - it's been a manic week in many ways but we have been trying to keep up the training with Bex.

We have seen a marked improvement in her general behaviour, with less of the tantrums (although they do surface from time to time). Now that we know what to do we are using the ignoring technique to great effect and we also find moving into her space helpful in the kitchen.

Sit, lie down and recall are going very well - with or without treats!!

Going for a walk is proving a challenge as she is definitely a fair weather dog! She absolutely hates the rain and heads home as soon as possible. Still we persevere and we will get there in the end.

I would be happy to recommend your service to anyone and will be telling the Vet how useful we found it.

I'll keep you up to date with Bex's progress every week or so.

Many thanks again


We would be happy for you to use the email on your testimonial page. The training was money well spent in our opinion and we are happy to tell others.


Posted 1st September 2010

Hi Sue just a few lines to let you know how Rooney + Scarlet are getting on.Rooney is now ignoring other dogs most of the time, they are both walking on lead really good, Scarlet is still timid around dogs but we aren't worried about that. We are really pleased with them both + it's all thanks to you xx

Molly and I have really enjoyed coming to Agility over the last 4 months. As Molly was new to me in February it has helped us bond and given her a focus for her boundless energy. I love it when she "gets it" and shes so eager to do well and "ooooooooooooowwwwwwwws" at me when I get it wrong!Its really helping with my confidence around other dogs too. Can't wait to have a go at flyball, shes a speed merchant where balls are concerned... watch out Crufts!! :-) Thank you Sue for all your help and advice, that hour of one to one has paid dividends with the whistle training,she is now probably 98% reliable and the 2% shes not is our fault usually as we don't "catch" her in time.Heres to a long happy friendship with you and all those I've met through your class. S xx

posted August 31st 2010

Millie, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. A Puppy Pack Client.

Here are a sample of typical emails between myself and Millie’s owners Bev & Jean, edited to keep their privacy. To give you an idea of what is involved with my Puppy Pack clients and the close relationship that develops from the initial enquiry and as the puppy grows.
Millie was14 weeks old on my first visit. click to read more

Please click on Millies photo to view her Gallery

Gallery & Testimonial posted on October 2009


We are the proud owners of 11 month old Bud...... click to read more


Gallery & Testimonial added 28th September 2009


The following is an example of my continuing Client support by email after my first consultation visit October 2008 by kind permission of his owner Tracey.

Charlie; 22 month old Chocolate Labrador.
Reason for visit:
Behaviour towards other dogs on and off the lead; poor recall and getting his attention. Pulling on the lead.

Hi Sue
Please find attached some pics of Charlie. We have just about got his Wait command sorted, I can make him wait in one room while I hide his ball in another room, as for outside I just have to touch his neck so he thinks I’ve got............click on Charlie to read more..



Reason for visit, Puppy Pack, basic training & advice.

The following is from my feedback form.

Q..What changes have you seen in your dog and yourselves?

A..More mature, controlled, but discipline comes with time.

Q.. What do you think of my training book?

A..Excellent!Good advice throughout

Q..Any other comments?

A..My Wife found that the first session contained too much information to absorb at once, so if you could spread it out a little, but that said, the information was very informative and useful.

Christine & Len Summers Jan 2009

Pepsi & Sky

Reason for Visit....Some bad manners and disobedience, Pepsi, showing aggression to Sky, both pulling on the lead, Sky's recall.

We were very impressed with your visit, as both dogs seemed to respond quickly. We have both since been using the techniques you showed us, and reading the book, this seems to be working well. Sky especially is making steady progress on her lead work & recall. pepsi's lead work is also a lot better, she seems to have picked that up quickly. They both seem happier dogs, although Pepsi is still a little aggressive, but this is improving. Thank you, you have helped us have a happier and more balanced home/family, we feel better equiped to continue to make progress with both Pepsi & Sky. We have just come back from a successful weeks holiday where both dogs behaved well and we all had a great time.
Thank you again for your help. Helen, Chris, Pepsi & Sky (1st Sept 2008)
Click on Sky to view Galleryclick on Pepsi to view gallery


We are the proud owners of a 1 yr old male Whippet called George, who we have had problems with since the day we got him! He was bought from a breeder who didn’t take any care of the puppies’ living conditions (a garden shed) or socialisation, so we brought home a filthy pup, with ulcerated pads on his feet and who was very timid and terrified of everything. As he got older, he continued to be very nervous, barking at strange people and dogs and generally being anti-social. Walking him was an ordeal as he constantly pulled on the lead and appeared nervous-aggressive to anyone he met. Also, at the age of 7 months his health deteriorated, he developed regular bouts of severe vomiting/diahorrea, stopped eating and lost lots of weight. After a long course of treatment/tests and eventually an operation he was diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease. So, not a great start in life for him.

We approached Sue for behavioural/training advice when George was 8 months old, having seen her website. George was refusing food which at the time we thought may have been linked to his nervous disposition, and we were at our wits end with his highly-strung nature! We had tried conventional Kennel Club puppy classes but they were useless as he couldn’t cope being in a packed hall with so many people and dogs. So, after a couple of emails and a chat on the phone, we arranged for Sue to come out to see him. During the first 4 + hr session, Sue was fantastic with both George and us as a family. Sue is just as good with people as she is with dogs, and had a wonderful laid-back approach – not an ounce of Barbara Woodhouse in sight! She was completely reassuring and taught us some fantastic techniques to help him. It really was a revelation! I had owned dogs in the past so thought I understood the basics, but had never owned a nervous dog, so Sue’s advice and guidance was invaluable. Also, the nature of dog training has changed a lot over the years so I would recommend a refresher course to anyone!

Dogs are undoubtedly expensive – purchase price, vet bills, insurance, food, treats, toys, collars, leads, bedding, cages etc. But I can without doubt say that the best thing we have ever done for both us and George has been to invest in SIT dog training. It is well worth EVERY penny, and when you realise how much effort Sue puts in and the ongoing support afterwards, you soon realise she doesn’t charge enough! If you are thinking of getting a dog or if you already have one, I would highly recommend adding SIT dog training to your list of ‘things to buy’.

After our first session, I spent a lot of time practising the techniques that Sue had shown us and found her ‘manual’ very useful. When Sue and I got together for George’s second session he was like a different dog! However, that wasn’t all….Sue also went out of her way to help regarding George’s health problems, doing internet research and contacting experts for advice which she then passed on. Her support really has been marvellous.

George is now 1 year old and such a good dog we barely know we’ve got him. His health has improved a lot since feeding him the food Sue recommended (Burns) as well as an Aloe Vera supplement. He is a pleasure to walk and no longer pulls on his lead, and is far more sociable with other people and dogs! It has been a real pleasure employing the services of SIT dog training. It has given us a much better understanding of our dog and has definitely improved our relationship with him. Thanks again Sue!!!

Rachel & Nick Ashcroft (June 2008)

Thank you Rachel, Nick & George, It has been a pleasure! x Sue

Click to see more of George

31st May 2008

"Since you visited us, Evie has come on leaps and bounds. There is so much improvement in her behaviour, there are too many things to mention. Not only do the techniques you have shown us for recall, jumping up, mouthing etc... work, you have helped us all as a family understand how to live with Evie and what we can expect from her. This has made for a much more relaxed household and family life. Evie is now part of our family and we look forward to her growing up with our children. Many many thanks Sue, we truly believe if we hadn't taken up your services, Evie would probably have been heading back to the RSPCA. Many many thanks

Trevor, Kirsten, Anna, Ben and of course Evie."

Evie 5 MonthsEvie 5 monthsEvie 9 Months


Bruce Bruces Mum Lisa runs Redmile Studio, please click on the Logo to visit her site.


2nd April 2008

Hi Sue,
After telephoning lots of 'behavourists' and dog trainers and getting negative replies, I'm so glad that you could come to our house and help us with Bruce, our Westie who was jealous of our baby and was showing us aggressive behaviour. Thanks for all your help. We have put all your training into place and he has responded really well. We have even bought a crate which you recommended and he's getting used to it slowly but surely. I really feel positive that we can now help Bruce to not feel threatened or nervous having a baby in the house, and to feel more secure by knowing his place in the pack. All your other tips have been priceless especially how to stop his constant barking. Its nice to be able to go outside and have him sit and be calm for once! Thanks again, we will certainly recommend you to other dog owners who are having problems. We will keep you informed of how Bruce is getting on.
Lisa, Notts


Max’s Diary… please click picture to read more......

Click here to see more photos of Max


Knowing we couldn’t have children, me and my partner decided we would buy a puppy, so we bought a chocolate Labrador whom we called Fudge.......

please click to read more and view photos

We dreaded taking Smudge our 18 month old Springer Spaniel out for a walk on his lead, as it instantly became a battle of wills, and more importantly one to stay on our feet, due to him pulling. Sue came to see us and within minutes of her putting her training into practice, we could not believe the difference! We can now see what we were doing wrong, and how to correct him. The Result, Happy Dog and Happy Owners! Well worth the small investment in time and money!
Thanks Sue !Click to view more photo's of Smudge

I feel very privileged to be able to share in the lives of my Clients and their dogs and even though I spend such a relatively short time with them, they all take a little bit of my heart. And so it is extremely distressing when I hear sad news of the loss of one of these special pets. No more so then the latter end of 2007 when my Client Aileen, told me her beloved Kacey, a beautiful shiny black Staffy X Boxer escaped out of the front door and got hit by a car, even through her grief Aileen very kindly sent me these words....

"Hi I WOULD LIKE TO THANK SUE FOR ALL HER HELP AND ADVICE WITH MY LATE DOG KACEY I only had my lovely dog for a few weeks before she got knocked down and killed but the training that Sue had taught me had been a great help thank you Sue" 31/12/07


Another heartbreak I had was from a lovely family who I went to see for a new puppy visit with 11 week old Dexter in September 2007. Dexter was the most adorable chunky chocolate labrador, he couldn't have wished for a more loving,caring and responsible family, sadly Dexter contracted Parvo at the beginning of December which tragically ended his short life, the family are devastated but have lots of wonderful memories of him. God Bless!

Rainbow Bridge


This is what my client Leanne kindly said about me. Sadly she lost Simba in 2007 year when he tragically got hit by a car after escaping from the garden of a friend who was caring for him while Leanne was away.

Customer Reviews (www.freeindex.co.uk)
"Sue has been more than helpful in my view she has gone over and above what was expected, I had a very difficult dominant dog and her advice WORKED - wehey!! - Best money I ever spent".
Leanne Rose - 17 December 2007

Thank you Leanne, it has been and still is a pleasure helping you with your dogs and value your friendship.

Please click on Simba's picture to view more photo's of Simba and his family.

Rainbow Bridge

Hi Sue hope you are well,we got your email thanks Patch is a lot more settled now thanks to your help although he is running around with his bed on his head as I'm typing this!!!! hope you have a lovely Christmas, best wishes Sue,Steve,Laura,Gemma & Patch 2006

Hello Sue,
Once again thanks for all your help the other day - Rocky is already showing huge improvements and as a result we are all really happy (including him!)

Kelly 2007


Elaine, is extremely disabled with rheumatoid arthritis, she called me to help with Millie and Poppy, she was relying on her son in law to take them for their walks. We taught them how to walk with Elaine on her mobility scooter, when she is feeling well she loves to take them for long walks.
Dear Sue,
Thank you very much for my homework and the other information. After only two days I see an improvement , its hard work but rewarding. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Click to see more of Millie & Poppy
Elaine, Millie & Poppy x 2007
Hi Sue,

Thanks for the much appreciated advice on introducing Badger and Milly. So far so good, the cage is working as she regards this as her bed. She slept all night in the cage without a whimper unlike the previous night when we didn`t get any sleep because she wanted to be upstairs on the bed! Walking together is fine Badger ignores her completely is this a good thing? Ants had them in the room together with the help of annie holding one dog each and again Badger looked the other way and Milly barked at him.

The first walk together Milly chased badger all over the fields playfully and we thought great, but he had a scuffle with her in the garden and now he ignores her and she is a little wary of him. The kids adore Milly she has settled already, has a great personality loves walking I just hope Badger accepts her.

Once again thank you we wouldn't have had the confidence to take on this responsability without your expert advice.

Wendy, Ant and family 2007

Hi Sue Thank you for your comments. It has been a real eye opener since your first visit and Bruces behavior
and our understanding has improved no end. As you are aware Roses recent problems has meant she has found it difficult to assert her authority generally (not just with Bruce} and her confidence was at an all time low. However since you have given her some of the tools to deal with Bruce her confidence is noticibly improved. The suggestions with regard to the tether for visitors and the whistle are great. Despite Bruces foibles we are very fond of him and fully appreciate that his "quirks" are of our creation. Of course we would be more than happy to contribute to your site and and look forward to seeing it.


Andy & Rose 2007

I hope you get this e-mail. I've never even seen one sent before, never mind trying it myself ! The dogs are now exercised at least once a day and diet is going well. We're being very strict.They both like the Burns food but they don't stock it in the shops I go to. I tried them on James Wellbeloved food which has similar ingredients and they don't seem to mind that. dogs seem a little calmer now.

Thanks for your help. Anne & Stan. Jack & Maisie 2007

Got your email ok this time really pleased we got in touch with you, your visit did teach us a lot and we will be keeping in touch to let you know our progress.
thanks Barry Lisa and family (Brin)

Gill and I were pleased to have used your expertise and Holly has really benefited from your involvement. We, too, have learned a lot from watching and being with you. We are pleased that we worked with you and would be more than happy to recommend your services.
Phil Midgley 2008

Sue, many apologies for not being in touch. Gill and I hope that everything is going well with your business. I am glad that our recommendation turned out well for you.

Attached are some photos of Holly. She really hates having her photo taken and hides from the camera. She is doing very well and very much part of the family. She is a lovely dog with a wonderful personality. She is very obedient - apart from still pulling somewhat on the lead. What is nice is that she is invited to friends who make her feel welcome because she is no trouble.

Holly's mother is expecting (hopefully) and we will be getting another one from the litter - different father.

Please feel free to drop round and see us and Holly.We're sure that you will be proud of your efforts.

Gill & Phil Midgley 26-4-2008

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