Keeping you and your dogs safe & warm in the snow

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Malic & Cleo next to my Snowy Dog Trainer!

Dogs Meeting in the snow

Dog walkers in Haxey

Dog Walkers in Haxey

We have had some wonderful snow in Haxey most memorably in 2010. Snow can be great fun, as you can see above I am taken back to my child hood with snow man building. Here are some tips to keep you and your dogs safe and warm while out walking.

Wear layers of clothing, hats scarves and gloves and boots with good grip and take your mobile phone with you.

Dogs can suffer from sore feet from the salt in the snow and the build up of ice and snow. especially dogs with hairy feet and legs. keep the hair trimmed around the feet. Coating their legs and feet with sunflower oil before walking will help to prevent this and is safe should your dog lick it off, when you return from your walk, rinse your dogs feet and legs off with warm water, either by dipping in a bucket or rinsing off with a watering can, this will remove any build up of snow and ice and traces of anti- freeze which my be picked up when walking by the road. Check for cuts too as sharp objects cannot be seen under the snow.

Anti-freeze is very toxic and so do not let your dog drink from puddles or eat the snow by the roadside. Dogs like the taste of anti-freeze but it can kill them.

Teach your dog to walk steady on a loose lead, you don't want to be pulled over in the snow & ice, keep your dog close to you, and especially take extra care near frozen lakes and rivers, do not allow your dog to run on the ice, it could be thin and your dog may fall through.

Dogs can slip on icy patches just like us and are at risk of injury just like ourselves, so if in doubt keep your dog calm and under close control.

Some breeds of dogs, with thin coats and elderly dogs will feel the cold and so provide them with a nice warm coat. You can get boots for dogs too!

Do not leave your dog outside for long spells unless he has a warm shelter and make sure that drinking water is available and doesn't freeze.

Alternatively if your dog is fit and strong enough why not have some fun and give him a job! Here is a picture of my John and Daughters dog Snoopy, pulling grandson Ben in his sledge, Snoopy is wearing a harness for the job! be careful not to over do it though.

Maybe not so mad as my John in the snow in 2000 on his ski's!

Have fun and enjoy those cosy snuggles by the fire!

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