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April 2013 Newsletter

Hello to my Clients, Family & Friends past and present and welcome to my latest newsletter,

The year is just rushing by yet again! Apparently not just a sign of age as reported by many much younger then myself. On that note, I became a senior citizen in January and bought my first o.a.p. entry into Castle Kennedy Gardens in Dumfries & Galloway recently. Must get my eyes tested next....

I am entering the new puppy club shortly. After far too much time thinking, persuading my hubby and longing for my own German Shepherd, I took the plunge and made enquiries with my fellow members of the Guild of Dog trainers while at Crufts. I was pointed in the direction of a lovely breeder who just happened to have a bitch in whelp. The puppies were born at Easter, all 13 of them. See Poppy's Puppy's below...

Latest News

We are moving to a new venue!

After the sad loss of the owner of The Barn in Haxey in September 2012, where we had resided for three happy years, I started looking for a new venue, somewhere to rent or a field to buy. When the new owners of the barn came along they said that they wanted me to stay, so thrilled by this I no longer looked for a new venue, although I was still keeping an eye out for a field to buy. Unfortunatley just before Easter the new owners decided that they didn't want me there...long story...upsetting...and so I had to find somewhere new. Nothing came along for a few weeks, although it wasn't for the lack of trying, and then a Client put me in touch with a friend with a field to rent and then we found one to buy and put an offer in. Then some more fields were offered, which I went to see.... decisions, decisions.....And Then! I was offered a place with a local riding establishment....This one I chose.....still however awaiting an acceptance of my offer for the field and not sure if it is accepted whether to buy it anyway. In the meantime I have been running my puppy and good dog obedience classes at my home.
So this is where we are at, at the time of writing this newsletter...

The New Venue

Facilities are fantastic! We will have our own secure training field.

The Dovecote Cafe - Secure Training Field - Training Rooms - Indoor Training Arena - Toilets

I would like to say a huge thank you to Andrew & Libby Stennett & Family for taking us on board.

Training at the new venue starts this Saturday 27th April

Please see my services page for more information of training classes

Class schedule

All classes are run on a weekly basis and mainly held outside.

Puppy Training & Socialisation

Wednesday 10.30 – 11.30 Saturday 10.30 – 11.30 £8 per session

Beginners Agility & Flyball

Thursday 12 – 1 Saturday 12 – 1 £8 per session

Intermediate & Advanced Agility & Flyball
Wednesday 6.30 – 7.45 (subject to light nights)

Thursday 10.30 – 11.45

Saturday 1.30 – 2.45

£8 per session

Good Dog Obedience
7 – 8.30 £10 Per session

Family groups are welcome.
There is no age limit, so long as you can safely handle and control your dog on and off lead.
Children up to the age of 16 years must be supervised by an adult.

Whilst it is normal for some dogs to be a little shy and not able to get along with every dog and person that they meet and sometimes dogs can have minor disagreements. I cannot have seriously aggressive dogs in class.
If your dog has issues please enquire about behavioural consultations and private sessions.

Good Dog Obedience!

The classes run weekly at 7pm until 8.30pm on Thursdays

The classes are ongoing and cost £10 per session

Good dog obedience is for dogs of all ages and caters for the pet dog owner and their families. Concentrating on good manners, basic obedience and socialisation, with a huge dose of fun. All the usual problems such as pulling on the lead, recall and jumping up will be covered. In addition I will introduce some doggy dancing moves ( as seen on Britains Got Talent with Ashleigh & Pudsey) and fun games and tricks to keep your much loved companion and yourselves suitably amused. Clicker training will be used, amongst other positive training methods.

Poppy's Puppy's


Poppy is a lovely girl, she is the good old fashioned square GSD and has excellent temperament which she passes onto her pups. The dad is Finnegan and belongs to fellow GoDT's member Rita. Finnegan has recently retired from Working Trials.

Just Born Three weeks & Growing

From left to right - new born, 13 of them, 3 girls & 10 boys - black & tan & white, 3 weeks old.

Crufts 2013

I spent a brilliant day at Crufts on the Sunday, representing the Guild of Dog Trainers, both on the Naturediet and Cambridge Institute Stands. Great to see my fellow colleagues. My Eldest Daughter and my two Granddaughters also accompanied me for the day, it was Mothers day after all.

Personal Development & Training

I always ensure that I keep up to date with current dog training trends and methods and so study is always on going with attendance at various seminars. I have nearly completed a module on canine anatomy and physiology and attended a workshop for this on Friday 12th April at the KC building, Stoneleigh. In addition to this I attended a Basic Dog Handling workshop on the Saturday and a Professional Instructor workshop on the Sunday.
My glamorous assistant Melissa is in her final year of a Canine Behaviour Degree with the Cambridge Institute of Dog behaviour and Training, She also attended the Professional Instructors Workshop.
I also keep busy with my post of editor for the Guild of Dog Trainers newsletter.


Facebook SIT Dog Training

If you like to visit facebook, I have a SIT Dog Training page which at present has 311 likes, this is a great place to post news and anything doggy and an opportunity to keep me updated with your dog's progress and activities and have a chat..


SIT Dog training has come a long way since it's conception in 2005 and I have met a lot of lovely people and their wonderful dogs . My client list continues to grow every week and more and more come to me through recommendations. When I carry out a behavioral consultation, please remember that I am available for support and advice by telephone and email for as long as a satisfactory change in behaviour takes for no extra charge. Success will predominantly rely on your hard work. Feedback is essential, as I have no other way to know whether my advice has been successful or if I need to re-assess the advice given.
Realistically you must be made aware that there are no guarantees that behaviours will be completely cured, but with a good training and management program, life can only improve.
Please let me know how you and your canine companions are. I would love to hear from you and maybe we will see you at one of the classes above.

Here's to a wonderful 2013

Happy Training

Sue Fryer

Master Trainer with The Guild of Dog Trainers

T: 01427 754716

M: 07879 220715



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