Puppy Training

What an exciting time it is to look forward too, choosing and then bringing a new puppy home. But it is often an anti climax and we can soon realise that it isn't as rosy as we imagined.

SIT Dog Training is here to help you right from the start.

Free Advice to Help you decide which breed is for you. (Rescue or Puppy?) So many fail by making decisions from the heart and not the head. Underestimate the commitment and choose an unsuitable breed for their lifestyle because of looks not breed specific traits. Please help me to eradicate the need for adoption centres. Please ask Sue (travel costs may apply).

Getting it right from the start will set the foundation stone for a long and rewarding relationship.
Please see below the training offered by SIT Dog Training.

Puppy Consultation

Pre - Agility Group

Puppy Consultation

From the first week that puppy comes to live with you up to around 20 weeks

This includes:-

Home Visit by Sue. Training & problem solving. Covering toilet training, biting & chewing, obedience and good manners. Nutrition and grooming. A typical visit will last around 2 hours, not all of it working with puppy.

Puppy Handbook.

Sue will be available to support you by telephone, text, email & social messaging, for as long as you need me.
If you require further training sessions, these can then be arranged at an additional hourly rate.

Cost £75 within a 15 mile radius of DN9 2LH. Travel charges will apply outside of this zone at 50p per mile return journey. Any additional charges will be accepted on the visit. Once an appointment has been arranged then Payment of £75 should be paid in full on booking please.

Please complete a Registration form and then Sue will contact you to arrange an appointment.

Please see Terms & Conditions

Sue's Puppy Handbook

Available in PDF. £4 (included free when you book a puppy consultation)

A compilation of helpful information and guidance lovingly put together by Sue.

Invaluable to accompany raising your young puppy or any dog.


Leadership; Rules & Boundaries; Socialisation; Toilet Training; Crate Training; Bite Inhibition & Mouthing; Obedience Training; Clicker Training; Door manners; Walking to heel; The recall; letting puppy off lead; Why Does My Dog Worry When Left Alone?; Safety For Children Around Dogs; Critical Periods in Dogs Psychological Growth; Do’s & Don’ts of Dog Ownership; Dogs and The law; Caring for Your Dog; Spaying & Neutering;

Please read this informative article by Sue

How Early to start training and socialising your puppy?

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