My Dog Tulip

The very poignant words below are featured at the end of the above film.

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What strained and anxious lives dogs must lead.
So emotionally involved in the world of humans, whose affections they strive endlessly to secure, whose authority they are expected unquestioningly to obey, and whose mind they can never do more than imperfectly reach and comprehend.

Stupidly loved, stupidly hated, acquired without thought,reared and ruled without understanding, passed on or put to sleep without care, did they,
I wondered, these descendants of the creatures who, thousands of years ago in the primeval forests, laid siege to the heart of man, took him under their protection, tried to tame him, and failed – did they suffer from headaches?
J R Ackerley

The Author, J R Ackerley and his dog Queenie

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