Judy & Carol

A Dream Come True!

My Daughter and Son-in-Law bought me a little black and white border collie on my retirement in November 2006. I called her Judy, the new addition fitted in well with my two 13 year old red and white border collies.

When she was 18 months old my friend and next door neighbour, Christine, asked me if I would like to go with her to agility with Judy and her Daughters Papillion Kezzy, who was the same age.
I jumped at the chance, as it was something that I had always longed to do ever since I got my first border
collie at the age of 17. A dream come true!

My excitement was short lived. Unfortunately shortly afterwards I was diagnosed with stage 4 oral pharyngeal cancer. Fortunately my case was dealt with by a brilliant surgeon.

After two long operations lasting 20 hours in total, I was referred back to oncology and 6 weeks of chemotherapy and radiotherapy followed.
This was in 2009 and with heartfelt thanks to all the care and support from professional staff, my friends and family; I recovered quite well, although my speech has been affected.

In March 2010, I was well enough to once more try agility. Christine and I went one Sunday to watch one of the classes at SIT Dog Training, run by Sue. We thought her mode of training was great and were thrilled to be able to start classes on the following Thursday morning. It was great and Judy seemed to have fun and was doing well.

We had another setback in 2011, not me this time. Judy was diagnosed with epilepsy and shortly afterwards diagnosed with an auto immune disease called Lupus. Both controlled with on going medication. Judy wears an improvised muzzle when it is sunny to keep the sunlight off her nose, which is white due to the lupus.

However this has not stopped us from having fun with our agility. We have found words that I can pronounce for commands to direct Judy around the obstacles.

We are still both well and thanks to Christine and Sue, having lots of fun.

Watch Carol & Judy enjoying agility, although Judy still isn't keen on the see-saw, but you can't have everything!


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