Is Your Dog Tagged & Chipped?

On Monday 9th June 2008, while spending time with my dogs and a clients two Jack Russell pups in their back garden after returning from our social walk, a stray dog turned up at the gate, a huge english Bull Mastiff.....Duke 1 1/2 yrs.
He was a huge slobbering teddy bear.

Duke's tale had a happy ending!
After a couple of hours we found his owner..

The important moral to this story, Duke didn't have a disc on his collar, although we later found out that he was micro-chipped. But a couple of hours was spent on a hot day by a lot of helpful people including the dog warden.

I also was approached later in the week while walking my dogs, someone who had lost their beautiful pedigree Husky, this time no collar, tag or chipped!?
Had Duke been wearing a tag, we would have been able to contact his owner immediately. I never did find out if the dog walker had been re-united with their dog.

In 2013 three dogs strayed from their home in my local village, they were chipped but not tagged. One dog was confined by me and I had to keep him overnight until I was able to arrange to have him scanned. In the meantime, one dog got run over and died, the other found it's way home. If there was a tag on the dog I confined I would have been able to contact the owners immediately and there would have been a happier end to this tale.

The Control of Dogs Order 1992 requires that any dog in a public place must wear a collar tag with the name and address of the owner written on it. Your telephone number is optional. Although I have my mobile number on my dog's tags, along with a message to say they are chipped, even adding they are neutered will deter the thief that wants to steal a dog for breeding.

From the 6th of April 2016, all dogs must be microchipped and registered to an approved database by the time they are 8 weeks old. For every dog that is currently not microchipped, you will have until 6th of April to get them microchipped and registered on an approved database. If a keeper of a dog which is not microchipped gets served with a notice requiring them to have the dog microchipped, they will have 21 days to do this., it is also a wise thing to have done. see more

Engraved tags are the best, these can be bought at most cobblers, pet shops and the internet for just a few pounds. You can also get nice collars wih the details embroided on.
Don't forget to have one made when away on holiday too or if they regularly stay at another address. You can also add family and kennels contact details to the microchip.

Not only is there a risk of dogs straying, escaping and just getting disorientated and lost, dog theft is also big business.

If you lose your dog or find one. The first person to call will be the Dog Warden, they can be found on your local council's contact list. Then there are some great ways of getting help. Facebook is proving to be a brilliant medium. Contact the local vets, put posters up. In every area there are rescue kennels that the local council use. Registering with Doglost will provide you with a poster to print off.

Please remember to keep your microchip updated when changing contact details.

Please Tag & Chip, keep your dog safe!

Useful numbers
Doncaster Dog Warden 01302 736000

North Lincs Dog Warden 01724 297000

All Dog Wardens Phone Numbers


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