All breeds of dogs from approximately one year old or when they have finished growing.

Larger breeds take longer to grow.

If your dog is not old enough, too old for high impact training or you have never done agility before then Pre-Agility is for you.
(must have basic obedience and be reliable off lead although training can be on lead when you first start)

We use KC standard agility equipment.

This is an opportunity to just have fun, keep fit and socialise with like minded people. There is no pressure to compete if you don't want to, but if you do then be assured that you are in the hands of experienced trainers who do compete. However you cannot compete until your dog is 18m old.


Thursday 10.30am


Thursday 6.30pm (April - September)


Saturday 11.30am

£5 per session (approx 1-2hrs)


Epworth DN9 1EA

How do I start?

Please read the Dos & Don'ts and Starting Agility then contact Sue to let her know which session you would like to start and to ask any questions. If you have never done Agility before you can attend an hours induction with Sue, this will prepare you and your dog before joining the group session. 20 for one hour and you can share this with a friend. Alternatively you can attend the Pre-Agility to learn the basics.


Pre - Agility

Puppies can attend as soon as they are allowed out after the final vaccination and can stay until they are old enough to join the Fun Agility Sessions, around one year old. Perfect session to socialise your young dog.

This is also suitable for older dogs who have never done agility before and Elderly dogs who need to keep fit.

Class Aims & Content

Agility: Clicker Training: Targeting: Confidence building: Balance & Wait: Control & Direction

All puppies will be predominantly trained on a lead.

All off lead moments are highly supervised.

Saturday 10.30am at 5 per session (1 Hr)

How do we start?

Step one: Complete a Registration Form.

Step two: Please read

Do's & Don'ts

Starting Pre-Agility

Payment Terms & Conditions 


Epworth DN9 1EA

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