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Testimonial from Karen & Andy Staples & Fudge.....

Nature of callout. 5 month Chocolate lab, biting and nipping and not listening, soiling problems still and he also pulls on the lead.


Knowing we couldn’t have children, me and my partner decided we would buy a puppy, so we bought a chocolate Labrador whom we called Fudge. We thought it would be happy days from now on, how mistaken we were! From day one we spoilt him by letting him have his own way most of the time. He started to take over and eventually our days were ruled by him.
He was coming up to 5 months old and growing at a rapid pace. We couldn’t do anything with him when he was naughty because he would just snarl and bite us; he was the one calling the shots. If we didn’t want to play when he decided it was playtime, he would bite us or be destructive, anything for attention.
We were at the end of our tether, we didn’t know what to do and we were even discussing getting rid of him, even though we both loved him dearly.
Then I saw an advert in the local pet shop. S.I.T. Dog Training. We thought this could be the answer, so rang the number. The Lady on the other end was called Sue and she sounded nice, so we arranged for Sue to come and visit us. As soon as she arrived she made us feel at ease and really comfortable about telling her our problems with Fudge.
Sue was really helpful and supportive and explained things really clearly and taught us how to be with Fudge. It was like a big weight being lifted off our shoulders and thanks to Sue we are well on our way to having a calm, obedient, well behaved member of our family, who we absolutely adore and who gives us unconditional love in return.
So from Karen, Andy & Fudge, we would like to say thank you Sue, we couldn’t have done it without you.
February 2008

Thank you Karen & Andy it was a pleasure, I am very proud of the work you have put in. Well Done!

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