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Consultation for behavioural modification

What does this involve?
Prior to my visit you are provided with a behavioural questionnaire to complete and return to me and then I will contact you to arrange an appointment.

On my visit:
When I have observed and assessed your situation and ascertained your individual needs, you will receive immediate hands on training.
During this time, you will be shown training methods and practical demonstrations and you and your family will also be actively encouraged to participate in them. This will enable you to start your dog's rehabilitation program immediately.
I stay with you until you are confident with the training instructions given on my visit. A typical visit takes 2 - 3 hours,

After my Visit: You will be supported for as long as you need me, this can be either by telephone, text or email.

If further training sessions are required, these will then be arranged at an additional hourly rate.

Availability by appointment only

Please email me for a questionnaire sue@sitdogtraining.co.uk

How Much?
Please note that I do not put my costs on my website for my one to one behavioural services, costs vary depending on location and severity of the case. However, to give you an idea, they start from £75.00

Please Contact for a quotation, providing a brief summary of the problems and your location

Some of the most common issues covered.

Barking at the TV

Excessive Barking

Separation Issues
Dog to Dog issues
Dog to Human issues
Resource Guarding
Chasing, traffic, livestock, joggers etc.
House soiling
Fearful Behaviours

Please remember that I am available for support and advice by telephone and email for as long as a satisfactory change in behaviour takes for no extra charge. Success will predominantly rely on your hard work. Feedback is essential, as I have no other way to know whether my advice has been successful or if I need to re-assess the advice given.
Realistically you must be made aware that there are no guarantees that behaviours will be completely cured, but with a good training and management program, life can only improve.

When a sudden change in your dogs normal behaviour occurs, especially when showing aggression, it is advisable to seek the advice of a qualified veterinary surgeon to rule out any medical problems before embarking on a behavioural programme.

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