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On Friday 1st July 2011, The Guild of Dog Trainers launched their Balanced, Intelligent Dog Training campaign.
As with everything that the Guild of Dog Trainers is involved with, this campaign starts with common sense.
The majority of dog trainers in Great Britain are sensible, practical and highly skilled trainers who live and train in the real world. They believe in, and use, reward based training techniques.
That doesn’t mean that they wave bits of chicken around desperately trying to get wayward dogs to prefer food to fulfilling their own, natural drives. Rather they use common sense training for the owner’s lifestyle and environment which means rewarding when appropriate but applying discipline when necessary.
This is the same common sense that parents were applying successfully to raise well balanced children that knew how to exercise self control and be polite and well mannered members of society.
We believe that the same sensationalistic headlines that caused parents to be scared to tell their children off in public; that caused confusion between setting normal boundaries with being tyrants; and confused encouraging children to be independent thinkers and problem solvers to allowing them to run out of control, are now being applied to the dog owning public, and, like with parents, is causing confusion in relation to raising and training our pet dogs.
By setting out some common sense principles and guidelines, The Guild of Dog Trainers is endeavouring to ease some of the fear that is now surrounding dog training and ownership, and hopes to help dog owners (via their trainers), both new and old, bring balance to their relationship with their dog.
Balanced Intelligent Dog Training summed up by the GUILD...

G - Good dog owners are responsible dog owners

U - Understand your dog: do your dog a favour and learn about what makes him tick

I - Intelligent balanced dog training: say no as well as yes, make training fun, have time together and time apart and most importantly enjoy your dog

L – Leadership: every relationship has someone that leads, the same is true for our relationship with our dog; that doesn’t mean being a bully or employing harsh handling, just applying a bit of common sense leadership skills within your relationship will keep your dog safe and happy

D - Do spend time to train your dog the basics: loose lead walking, sit, down, come and stay, and if you want to please your vet... stand.

As with raising children, saying ‘no’ is not necessarily a bad thing to do; it will teach your dog boundaries and keep him safe. Owning a dog should be a joy and once you establish a balanced relationship with your dog the joy of living with a contented canine becomes one of the greatest pleasures life can give... see for a Guild Trainer in your area.

The Guild of Dog Trainers (GoDT)
The Guild of Dog Trainers is an independent professional body whose values include being committed to maintaining and improving the quality of dog training, behaviour and companion dog ownership in Britain. Recognising individuals' excellence in their field, The Guild of Dog Trainers supports expertise in a range of disciplines and has a growing network of trainers across the country that are experienced in many disciplines from basic obedience, competition obedience, agility, heelwork to music, gundog training or one-to-one.
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