Agility Groups

Weekly drop in sessions at Misterton: £5 per session
Thursday 10.30am - 12pm & Saturday 11.30am - 1pm

Please see below to Register

All breeds of dogs from approximately one year old or when they have finished growing.
Bear in mind that the larger breeds take longer to grow. Please ask if you are not sure. If your dog is not old enough, too old for high impact training or you have never done agility before then Pre-Agility is for you.

Ideally your dog must be sociable with other dogs and have basic obedience and reliable off lead although training can be on lead when you first start. But don't worry we can help you.

This is an opportunity to just have fun, keep fit and socialise with like minded people.
There is no pressure to compete if you don't want to, but if you do then be assured that you are in the hands of experienced trainers who do compete.
We use competition standard agility equipment.

Due to the MCC Summer camp there will be no training on the 20th, 25th & 27th July, 1st & 3rd August.


Weekly Drop in at Misterton, £5 per session on Saturdays 10.30 - 11.30am
Please see below to Register.

This is suitable for older dogs who have never done agility before and elderly dogs who need to keep fit. Perfect session to socialise your young dog. Puppies can attend as soon as they are allowed out after the final vaccination and can stay until they are old enough to join the Fun Agility Sessions, around one year old.
Class Aims & Content: Agility: Obedience: Clicker Training: Targeting: Confidence building: Balance & Wait: Control & Direction: Heelwork & Recall.
All dogs will be predominantly trained on a lead. All off lead moments are highly supervised.

Due to the MCC Summer camp there will be no training on the 20th, 25th& 27th July, 1st & 3rd August.

Please Contact us to check if any places have become available before registering. Thank you (posted 6/07/2019)

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Please note that all our training groups are run on a weekly drop in basis and we train outside. Our trainers are here for the love of it and on a voluntary basis. Because of this we sometimes have to cancel because of weather, holidays, dog shows and illness. We may suggest another day if we cannot make it on the normal training days. You will be kept informed by text & email.

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